Safe Deposit Boxes

Why worry about the safety of your treasured heirlooms or valuable documents? Feel safe knowing that all of your important belongings are in one place, protected from loss, theft, or destruction. We strive to provide the highest possible protection for the contents of your safe deposit box and employ an extensive set of access procedures and safeguards. Remember, you as the account holder are responsible for insuring the contents of your safe deposit box.

Many of our customers use safe deposit boxes to store valuable documents and jewelry in one safe place. Here’s an example of what’s commonly found inside one:

  • Wills
  • Trust Papers
  • Wedding Certificates
  • Car and House Titles
  • Insurance Policies
  • Jewelry

A good rule is that if you don’t see a document or touch a document at least once a week, and you consider it “valuable,” put it in the safe deposit box. Any valuable items stored in a safe deposit box should be insured under your homeowners or renters insurance. We also suggest that you make a copy of all of your important documents to keep at home as well.

Rent a Safe Deposit Box Today

Size Length in Inches Width in Inches Height in Inches Fee
 Large Box 21.25" 9.75" 2.5" $25.00 Yearly
 Small Boxes 14.25" 4.50" 4.00" $15.00 Yearly
  22.00" 5.00" 3.00" $15.00 Yearly
  22.00" 5.00" 5.00' $15.00 Yearly

Availability, sizes, and prices vary. Contact a Personal Banking Professional  at Bank of Hazelton for details on how to open a safe deposit box