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Business Loans

As your lending partner we know it takes more than just hard work and perseverance to keep your business running. It also takes capital.  That is why it is our goal to help your business grow. Our business banking professionals have the benefit of experience, so we can look at your needs with a knowing eye and help you with financing that fits your business. We know our communities and local economies. We take a big stake in their growth and success, just like you. We learn enough about your business and industry to be a relevant partner. We will share in the effort it takes to make your business a success. Business loans and other financing options from Bank of Hazelton can provide the funds critical to your growth. We will use our diverse experience to structure financing packages that work for your business. We have specialized training in various loan programs through the Small Business Administration (SBA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Bank of North Dakota (BND), and many more.   Lending decisions are made locally, driven by the business banking professional who shakes your hand at the door, and who understands your business, so you will receive a quick response to your requests.

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